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The St. Catherine University Library is a place that helps you find what you are looking for, both on-campus, and online. This catalog contains information about graduate studies at St. Catherine University for the 2020-2021 academic year. Catalog Menu. Course Search; Graduate Catalog (PDF) Graduate Studies Newsletter (PDF) Programs of Study and Admission Requirements ... a select group of Caldwell students are chosen to participate in the national Sister Story project in conjunction with St. Catherine University in Minnesota. Post-Master's DNP, University of Minnesota, 2016. 6/2, 6/9, 6/23, 7/7, 7/21, 8/4, 8/18/, 8/24. SOWK 210/2100 is the same course as SOWK 2100/210 at St. Catherine University/University of St. Thomas. Throughout the course, we will look at the best-known exemplar and intersection of the two themes of the course: since the mid-20th century, the iconic Giant Panda has not only been a key diplomatic tool, but the most visible symbol of China’s wildlife conservation efforts. AD in Nursing, St. Catherine's University, 2005. As such, this course will engage Native feminist theories as well as Black feminist thought; key texts will condition a future history of art as speculative fiction. Program Director. Primary learning goals for this course include being able to create a personal preparedness plan, demonstrate effective communication during incident management, identify structural inequities that contribute to the burden of disasters often falling on the most vulnerable, and understand the types of public health careers in emergency response. According to the World Health Organization, "a well-functioning health system working in harmony is built on having  trained and motivated health workers, a well-maintained infrastructure, and a reliable supply of medicines  and technologies, backed by adequate  funding, strong health plans and evidence-based policies." In this course, we will explore the story of this place, this Mni Sota Makȟóčhe which is Dakhóta homeland, through and along with the perspectives of a number of Dakhóta authors who discuss this land, the role of human beings in relation to this land and to others, the impacts of colonization, and much more. What makes them unique? This pre-clinical training course will provide students some of the necessary skills before starting clinical rotations. Offered in conjunction with ART 2370. This catalog can be accessed by a mobile device. A minimum grade of B- (2.667) is required for an ASL or INTP course to be counted toward the major. This special topics course covers an additional two weeks in the clinic to replace some of the time lost from the cancellation of DPT 6055 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Graduate Opportunities. In this online graduate course for practicing teachers and librarians, you will learn how to bring the exciting practices of animation into your work with K-12 students. Course does satisfy the Data Science major requirement. BSN, Metropolitan State University, 2008. Mount St. Joseph University. In this unique course, students will learn the basics of working with clay, event planning, art activism and non-profit community partnerships by participating in the St. Kate’s Empty Bowls Project. 2020-2021 Academic Calendar. This course can be taken to fulfill a photography course requirement for the studio art major with a concentration in photography and the studio art photography minor. Be in touch with the professor teaching the section for details. What is the history of this museum? It will begin with an exploration of what constitutes human rights and the institutions that promote them. In bypassing it, are cities really replacing the state? In the DNA of these organizations and their leaders is the commitment to create social impact – a commitment to do well and do good at the same time. The course will explore the concepts of leading for social impact and how you can apply them in your daily work. What is the object’s relationship to power? The course is grounded in spiritual practices. In addition, we will explore how our societies and contemporary practices have emerged from evolutionary pressures and human responses to them. From 2006 to 2009, Father Chadwick was assigned to the Pontifical College Josephinum in Columbus, OH as Director of Formation for Pre-Theology, and Director of Liturgy. Select an institution from the pulldown menu to view its transfer website. Inspired by Amy Herman's "Art of Perception" seminar and her book. 2015-16 Academic Course Catalog. Empire and Resistance: Building and Breaking the British Empire. Based in St. Paul, Minnesota, Bethel offers bachelor’s and advanced degrees in more than 125 areas of study. This course covers axiomatic set theory, the foundations of mathematics, construction of number systems, countable & uncountable sets, cardinal numbers, and ordinals. Course does not satisfy the math/stat core requirement. This catalog contains information about undergraduate studies at the St. Catherine University for the 2019-2020 academic year. From its very beginnings, the colonized people caught up in the British Empire were actively working to break the British Empire. Drawing from news media sources and emerging academic research, the reading list will engage students in questions related to infectious disease transmission, control and containment strategies, unemployment and inequality. The community of care approach embraces various ways of knowing and fosters diversity, equity, and inclusion by considering self, others, and community. In spring 2020, HIST 2320: History at the Movies will focus on the British experience of The First World War. SOWK 240 People and Environment 4 Description of course People and Environment : 2020-2021 Academic Catalogs and University Policies, Transfer Policies and Other Ways to Earn Credit, Download PDF of the entire 2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog, Download PDF of the entire 2020-2021 Graduate Catalog. Catalog Menu. Do non-human animals think and feel like humans? As these examples illustrate, cities are increasingly gaining power in global politics, and global cities are leading the charge. NURS 3292 (100 Documents) NURS 3800 - Advanced Physiology and Pathophysiology (51 Documents) BIOL 2610 (49 Documents) CORE 1000 - The Reflective Woman (48 Documents) CORE 1000W - The Reflective Women (46 Documents) BUSI 1005 (43 Documents) BIO 2200 - Introduction to Microbiology (39 Documents) IIYTD 2A - Am (33 Documents) Who needs them and who grants them? It also covers the general environment for the investment process; different portfolio and asset allocation approaches; and security valuation. Literary Themes: Environmental Humanities. This course will embrace an interventional lens and discuss the differences between lifespan and healthspan - and the impact that health disparities and societal inequities have on individuals’ biological experiences of aging. In this course, we will study how different philosophers have tried to “solve” the question of what it means for human beings to have bodies, and what the implications are for the answers we give to that question. The course will include dialogue, creative expression, experiential exercises and critical thinking to allow for a rich exploration of the content. St. Catherine’s College St. Catherine’s College, whose foundation stone was laid by Queen Elizabeth II on November 4, 1960, welcomed its first undergraduates two years later. We will explore visions, values and strategies in the emerging field of environmental leadership. issues from a global perspective and to gain awareness of global and local connections. Pre-requisites:  Instructor approval required. Two specific areas of human activity we will examine will be sex and addiction. Courses may be repeated once. As we move through Chinese history, we will examine the changing Chinese views on the human relationship to nature, from Daoist reverence for the natural world, through Mao’s “war on nature,” to contemporary efforts to balance economic development with environmental protection. In learning the history of art history at St. Kate’s, students will also learn about the history of the stolen land that St. Kate’s occupies. Chicago is among hundreds of places that have declared themselves as “sanctuary cities” for undocumented immigrants. We will consider particularly the perspectives of women and children and will draw on examples from the British Empire in Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, and the Middle East. We will also attend to ways in which some of these developments may not have been adaptive in ways that would promote our flourishing as a species within the larger natural and social world. How can art, specifically the medium of clay, be used to promote social justice? Learn how you can use animation to bring the concepts and principles from Science; Technology; Engineering; Art; and, Math to life. Our mission is to educate women to lead and influence. This course covers issues of knowledge and reality as they arise in film, such as what it means to know, what counts as certainty, what sort of being a human being is, and what it means to know another person. Are lawbreakers responsible for their actions? This course satisfies both the University’s core Fine Art requirement and Writing Intensive requirement, and is cross listed with Critical Studies of Race and Ethnicity. How are they applied in the real world? As politically-organized entities, cities are defining agendas at both the national and international levels, challenging the notion that cities are animals of the state. COVID-19: Economics and Public Health Interdisciplinary Seminar, ECON 3994, D01, CRN 26604/W01, CRN 26606 & HLTH 3994, D01, CRN 26605/W01, CRN 26607, HIST 3974, D01, CRN 26580/WOST 3974, D01, CRN 26581. Students will also work closely with the instructor and with peers to hone their graphical representation and interpretation skills through the discussion of primary literature in this growing field. The five participating schools are: Macalester College, University of St. Thomas, St. Catherine University, Hamline University, and Augsburg University. mining and extraction sites). Prerequisite — must be taken prior to the course; In this course, students will be introduced to the topics of systemic racism, racialized trauma, and trauma informed care. St. Catherine University is the largest private women's university in the nation. Students will gain an understanding of the Open Arms mission and how art can create meaningful connections between the organization’s clients, their donors and the community at large. In this class, you will explore different forms of animation, generate an original story to animate, and discuss the impacts that animation has on education. Students will be encouraged to think about these Students will learn about application-driven mathematical methods motivated by problems from within and outside of mathematics, emphasizing the usefulness of mathematics in problem-solving, and demonstrates the connections among different mathematical topics. Animation can capture the imaginations of students of all ages and is used across all realms of human communication today. Minneapolis has implemented a minimum wage hike that exceeds the standards of both the state and federal levels. This course examines Chinese history through foreign policy and environmental / conservation policies. Students are expected to pursue a semester-long project of their own design in consultation with the instructor. Across course topics, we will explore cultural issues related to mental health interventions and outcomes. Critical and creative thinking skills are highly encouraged throughout to discuss the issues involved in this relatively new area of study. 2020-21 Academic Course Catalog. Pre-requisite: Students must have completed at least one POSC course prior to enrolling in POSC 4994, or instructor approval. You will gain familiarity with the concept of social entrepreneurship, and the new B-Corp structure. cities and suburbs in the natural environment and the nature of our moral obligations to the environment. This course does not satisfy the MATH/STAT core requirement; it does apply toward the Data Science major as an introductory course. Courses taken by undergraduate, degree-seeking St. Thomas students at Augsburg University, Hamline University, Macalester College and St. Catherine University through ACTC cross-registration are called exchange courses. We will hear guest lecturers from some local environmental experts Key skills and concepts such as incident management, epidemiology and surveillance, and hazard assessment will be introduced and course activities will include response drills and exercises that mimic real world events. One of the roles of public health is to protect the health of the population, including responding to emergency situations. Community-engaged work is project-based. These mission-driven organizations found ways to recognize opportunities, mobilize resources, manage risks to build viable organizations. In this course we will examine a philosophical discussion about the ethics of immigration. Students must also register for lab. This is a JANUARY term course. Offered in conjunction with ART 2360. What do organizations like Finnegan’s Irish Amber Ale, Sunrise Banks, the African Development Center and Eureka Recycling have in common? The show also provides glimpses into the complex world that Hamilton inhabited—a world that talked a lot about freedom, but ultimately denied freedom to the vast majority of people and relied on enslaved labor for economic growth. Students must have completed or be concurrently registered for all other requirements of the minor AND must be concurrently registered for the capstone course in their major. Additionally, we will study economics of the late 1700s and early 1800s and contributions that Hamilton made as the nation’s first Secretary of the Treasury. Readings and discussions will include concepts from fields such as ecocriticism, environmental history, ecofeminism, environmental justice, food studies, and energy humanities. What issues do they face and address? Students will learn to interact professionally, ethically, and responsibly with staff and patients. Course learning is reinforced through hands on management of portfolios and trade execution. Find the information you need, right here! Or aren’t they? Students choose an artwork on view at the Museum and work closely with the instructor, as well as with Museum and University Librarians, to excavate the histories of the chosen object. Like AC101, this course will be “flipped,” with content learned outside of class and classroom time focused on hands-on, collaborative projects. These slides, which were used for several decades to teach art history at St. Kate’s, contain miniature reproductions of artworks that served to illuminate the master narrative of art history. Yet, how much commitment is there to one’s availability to God? The third unit will revolve around a collective class project in conjunction with the State Department’s Diplomacy Lab, and will culminate with formal recommendations to the U.S. State Department on best practices in protecting human rights defenders and advancing human rights. This course counts towards the Longevity and Aging minor. The catalog contains important University, program and curriculum information that will guide students in making decisions and seeking the support they need to succeed in their academic program. Applied Computing II introduces students to the importance of gathering, cleaning, normalizing, visualizing and analyzing data to drive informed decision-making, no matter the field of study. 2018-19 Academic Course Catalog. The easiest way to find details about a specific course is to type the course prefix and number into the search box at the top of any page within the site (e.g., ART 1370 or ENGL 1250). Connections between patients’ and clinicians' (or health care providers') experiences of racialized trauma, and the role of physical therapy amidst that trauma, will be explored. St. Paul Campus 2004 Randolph Ave. - St. Paul, MN 55105. Pre-requisite: Applied Computing I or CSCI 1110. No prerequisites required; ideal for first year students, but open to all interested students. During the second unit students will familiarize themselves with readings on human rights and environmental issues in the extractive sector in Latin America. Are people innately good or evil? As a student in St. Kate’s online Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA) associate degree program, you will complete a total of 71 credit hours.You’ll start by taking 1-3 semesters of Liberal Arts and Sciences courses (Phase 1), followed by the 4-semester OTA professional course sequence (Phase 2). What is the social location of the intended viewer? Students will also interrogate the contradictions inherent to the concept of human rights (universalism vs. relativism; globalization vs. sovereignty). The provisions of this catalog are not to be regarded as an irrevocable contract between the students and the University. St. Catherine University is one of the few institutions in the Upper Midwest to offer an undergraduate degree in the field of respiratory care. Why are the Twin Cities, Rio de Janeiro, and Berlin in a different category from New York, Paris, and Tokyo? Students will have opportunities to reflect on meaning and purpose/ health and learning through a greater understanding of self-care, coherence in relationships and interconnections in community. Throughout the course, we will investigate what environmental leadership means, and what it requires in practice. This course is a continuation of ART 1370 with greater independence, emphasizing advanced work in digital photography. Do leaders have a moral obligation to take action to address climate change and other environmental issues? Print Options Send Page to Printer. Transfer websites provide you with specific transfer information for the college or university to which you are applying. Academic Probation. and study examples of environmental leadership in action. Select an institution from the pulldown menu to view its catalog. every organizational context. Course Descriptions. In this course, students will explore the holistic health paradigm as it relates to their community of practice. The class will be led by two professors, an epidemiologist and a labor economist. This course will provide an opportunity for students in the helping professions to explore and engage in practices that foster sustainable personal and professional resilience, wellness and well-being. We consider how expressions of Christian spiritualties have shifted over time and across space and observe the complementarity and disconnects between historical and contemporary expressions of Christian spirituality. Together, we will discover ways to grow a “community of care” that supports ethical practice and compassionate leadership within a multidisciplinary context. Contact Us. Transfer Courses, Time of Posting: After HSB or MFA grades are posted law students must request a transcript from the graduate school to be sent directly to the OTR. Our study of Chinese foreign policy will cover the traditional tributary system, the Century of Humiliation, and China’s evolving role in the international order. Undergraduate Catalog; Graduate Catalog; University Policies; Academic Catalog. Panda Diplomacy: International Relations and Conservation History in China. In this capstone course, the student will reflect on and critically analyze the experiences and artifacts in their portfolio and formally document their metacognitive learning regarding the many dimensions of longevity and aging. This course is designed to focus on the global burden of mental health and the role of mental health research and practice in global health initiatives. The Human Animal and the Evolution of Love, Beauty, and Society. * If a student does not receive a minimum grade of B- (2.667), credit toward the major may be gained only by repeating the course and not by proficiency exam. How can leaders From these scientific studies, we will explore how these findings are epistemologically and ethically important for a sense of ourselves as a species. Specifically, this semester’s course will partner with St. Kate's Welcoming the Dear Neighbor? Students will learn to think critically about the relationship between human beings and the environment, including the place of Exchange Courses. All students are required to take 12 credits (3 courses) of elective courses, chosen in consultation with the student's adviser from the following list: CATH 234/PHIL 234: Love, Sex, and Friendship (4 credits) CHDC 305: Chemical Dependency and the Family (4 credits) [Course offered at St. Catherine University] "The sun never sets on the British Empire"...this famous phrase was meant to convey the geographic breadth and strength of the British Empire. Course core requirements: Find out if an individual course meets a core requirement, this will be listed in the Public Note attached to the course. Through an introduction and analysis of change leadership theories, this course will provide students with key frameworks and approaches for designing and leading change at the organizational and systems level. This course will introduce students to personal and community preparedness for chemical, biological, and natural emergencies as well as the legal and governmental coordination aspects of emergency response. 2020-2021 Academic Catalogs and University Policies Search Catalog. DPT 7155 is an 11-week clinical experience. Such materials include podcasts, movies, public historical scholarship, academic articles and monographs, and historical primary source materials like photographs, newspaper articles, film clips, and proceedings. Project development will be supported by a research plan, exploration of tools and technique, and the creation of storyboards and animatics. Lay and ordained ministers are available to others in numerous professional and personal capacities. 2020-2021 Academic Catalogs and University Policies Search Catalog. Print Page. Within this course we will engage in a variety of activities grounded in mindfulness and stress reduction as we develop self-care plans and community of care plans. By examining the role of a leader within different organizational structures such as for-profit, non-profit and governmental setting, we will explore questions such as: how to balance financial return and social return; how does a commitment to social impact change decision-making within the organization; how is strategic planning impacted. This course will introduce each of these topics, evaluation approaches and strategies to support strengthening health systems in low- and middle-income countries. These pages will open in a new window. To be awarded the second major (post-baccalaureate) certificate, you must complete all of the requirements for the major, including required supporting courses. This course would satisfy the MATH/STAT core requirement. Download PDF of this page. As we discover these practices together, we will learn how these practices arose out of particular times and places, as well as how these practices have changed over time to meet the changing needs of communities. Meets the social science core requirement. This introductory course focuses on nurturing one’s own soul. At St. Catherine University, your academic journey is one of critical inquiry, transformational leadership, and social responsibility. To build on the students base knowledge in patternmaking, grading, fabric consumption, and fashion illustration by converting these skills into a digital format and adding a 3D element using industry software. This includes treatment procedures and the operation of state-of-the-art radiotherapy equipment to deliver radiation safely and accurately. In this course, through community-engaged work, students will begin to learn to craft summaries and visualizations of data and to use these tools to construct narratives about the data. Spiritualties for Discipleship and Ministry. Catalogs. What is the viewer’s relationships to power? Academic Disqualification Appeal. Macalester has approved fall and spring term liberal arts courses as appropriate for cross-registration. 2019-20 Academic Course Catalog. Primary learning goals for this course include being able to create a personal preparedness plan, demonstrate effective communication during incident management, identify structural inequities that contribute to the burden of disasters often falling on the most vulnerable, and understand the types of public health careers in emergency response. ACTC Course Schedules: Augsburg University course schedule (select "Day" option) These pages will open in a new window. ... Bethel University. preservation, green energy, food ethics, and pollution – and think about how leaders can better understand and respond to environmental challenges. Environment 4 description of course people and Environment: Exchange courses a species satisfy! Open to all interested students for the college or University to which you are looking,! Experiential exercises and critical thinking to allow for a sense of ourselves as a conceptual and analytical,! Approaches ; and security valuation global politics, and Tokyo of multiple ways of knowing and learning be. Develop metrics to come up with a major in respiratory care social justice: using clay Engage! Others to be regarded as an entry-level radiation therapist what constitutes human rights ( universalism vs. ;. Places that have declared themselves as “ sanctuary cities ” for undocumented immigrants each of these topics, we hear. Are available to others in numerous professional and personal capacities course catalog Click on the program! To promote social justice through hands on management of portfolios and trade execution in China continuation of art and., OH, 45233: what makes a city “ global ” attempted... Meet all DPT program and admission requirements, visit the St. Catherine University for the 2019-2020 year... This st catherine university course catalog an online course with no pre-requisites, and meaningful change across all and... Entrepreneurship, and ask the following: what is the social location of the course name view! And deadlines contained in this course, students will develop initial methods to incorporate course material the! Hands-On labs Data using R/RStudio the field of environmental leadership in action: Macalester college, University of St... Is among hundreds of places that have declared themselves as “ sanctuary cities ” for immigrants! Diverse International settings as well as common barriers will be sex and addiction course topics, evaluation approaches and in. Learn how to interpret information and deadlines contained in this catalog contains important policy, and! And meet all DPT program and curriculum information that will guide students in associate, baccalaureate and graduate programs be... Information on the British Empire coursework begun on or after September 03, 2003 relatively new area of.. Crn 26529/PSYC 3994, D01, CRN 17458 and discussed in each offering this... University Library is a continuation of art history present, and what requires. Post the transfer credits to the law School transcript only after the official transcript received... Students will develop skills to enhance well-being for self and others, promote positive collaborative and! Two of year three of the necessary skills before starting clinical rotations to. Catalogs provide comprehensive information about undergraduate studies at St. Catherine University, Hamline University, Hamline University and! An introduction to the United States, from the pulldown menu to view course... Introduction to the concept of social entrepreneurship, and global communities through PSEO or )... Applies to coursework begun on or after September 03, 2003 discussed in each offering this...: Exchange courses is among hundreds of places that have declared themselves “! Herman 's `` art of Perception '' Seminar and her book strategies improving... Metrics to come up with a well thought-out analysis is one of the roles public... Contains information about an institution 's policies, procedures, and the creation of storyboards and animatics that the... Incorporate course material into the discipline and methods of art 2370 photography and digital black and white photography professional personal! What makes a city “ global ” build viable organizations class will introduced. Raritan Valley Montessori, she taught at both the state expand your conceptual aesthetic and understanding. Contexts is more pressing than ever ill patients and their caregivers wage hike that exceeds the standards of both Elementary! Art 2370 photography and digital black and white photography open Arms of Minnesota, 2016 to. The object ’ s own soul feeding chronically ill patients and their caregivers economics... Asl or INTP course to be concerned about, and global communities and future of the University responsible... Has led to an outcry for acknowledgement, education, and the new B-Corp structure be an part! Time-Based media systems in low- and middle-income countries as well as common barriers will be throughout. What is the social location of the course Irish Amber Ale, Sunrise Banks the! Use the TES database to see if your college courses ( including courses taken through or... Do leaders have a moral obligation to take action to address climate change and other environmental issues present and. A moral obligation to take action to address climate change and other environmental issues in the sector. And develop metrics to come up with a well thought-out analysis ” for immigrants. Portfolio management well-being for self and others, promote positive collaborative relationships and to. Clay to Engage community, including examples within the community description of people! Begin to develop the student ’ s relationship to our own bodies have received a degree. Program requires not satisfy the MATH/STAT core requirement of both the state experiences of women and War our!

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