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A strong grip (seen in the photo above) is a position on the club where both hands are rotated towards the trail side of the golfer. A hook is the last stop on the road to a good golf swing, and you're very close to hitting consistent, powerful shots. THE GOLF TERMS “STRONG” AND “WEAK” GRIP SOMETIMES CREATE CONFUSION. Wedges are designed to help and not hinder the golfer. The knuckles on the right hand are turned underneath the shaft while three knuckles on the left hand are visible to … The golf we set our hands on the club... is one of the most talked about topics in golf instruction. The ten-finger or baseball grip? Conversely, Arnold Palmer relied on his strong grip to bomb the ball around the course. As you are constructing your grip, you will need to decide if you are going to use a strong, neutral, or weak grip. A quarterback in football will have a grip on the ball that enables him to throw long and accurate passes, and a tennis player will grip the racquet in a way that optimizes spin and control. If you're a player who tends to hit a hook, first count yourself fortunate. [bctt tweet=”Easily, the most overlooked aspect of the game is the grip.” username=””]. There is no one right way to grip the club – the only thing that matters is that you find a way to hold your clubs that feels natural and allows you to hit good shots over and over again. However, if you are struggling to get these problems out of your game, it would be worth your time to explore the possibility that your strong grip is at the root of the problem. The problem is this – the grip can function just fine until you reach the critical stages of a round of a tournament, when suddenly you may find that you are having trouble avoiding a quick hook. Focus on getting all the way to your finish, because there is no way to fake that part of the swing – if you finish with your weight mostly on your left foot, you will know that you swung aggressively and used your lower body properly. Lamkin Golf Grip Selector . As you swing through with plenty of leg and hip rotation, the club face won't have a chance to flip over and you should be able to keep everything relatively square at impact. Some of the best chippers and pitchers in the professional golf ranks are those who use weaker grips, so it can be an uphill challenge to build a great short game around a strong grip. This is easier said than done, however. Most likely, your body has stopped moving aggressively enough through the hitting area, which is allowing the club face to flip closed at impact, resulting in a hook. Do you know the key to great wedge play? There are good players that use weak grips, there are good players that use strong grips, and there are plenty of good players who fall somewhere in between. Some golfers tell me they changed their grip, but I don't see any changes. When it comes to picking a grip, you certainly don't want to copy anyone else – you want to develop your own grip, based on what feels good to your hands and what produces the best results. Dial your hand back to the left to reduce the hooking of the golf ball. The positions of your hands on the club determine whether your golf grip is strong or weak. However, when you getting started in thinking about your grip, you can use those guidelines to get off on the right foot. In fact, you don't even need to be at the golf course or driving range. This is generally considered to be a neutral grip, however, different golf coaches have different opinions and every player's golf grip should be tailored to suit their needs. The Grip Test. As mentioned above, a strong grip makes it easy to release the club on the way down, and an early release could cause you to stick the club in the ground behind the ball. But best of luck. The slice The concept of a grip is important in a long list of sports. Through impact, unless the golfer manipulates the club face, the ball will shoot off to the left. ! "Gripping the club too tight can cause thin, weak shots that slice. The solution to this problem is to keep your nerve and swing aggressively even when you are feeling the pressure. Some players mistakenly believe that a strong grip is one where the club is held tightly in the hands, but that is incorrect. My normal trail hand grip would most likely be “too strong” for a lot of players but it’s standard for me. It will ask you questions about the type of weather you play in most, comfort level, and then provide you the recommended grips. There are a limited number of golfers who are successful with extreme grips – most of the top players use a grip that hasn't strayed far from neutral. Required fields are marked *. At first I had a direction problem, but with practice, I have learned to adjust for directional flaws with my body and hand turning. The Vardon grip?? You can go too far with just about anything in your golf technique, and that applies to the grip as well. One of the other signs of an overly strong grip is the tendency to hit the ball fat, especially on short iron shots. The grip is the most fundamental contributor to an undesirable ball flight. From the perspective of looking down from above, you would turn your left hand to the right in order to make your grip stronger, and you would turn it to the left to make it weaker. My contact got worse, distance went down, and it was bad. Now you are left with a swing that never allowed the club face to square up, and a ball that is sailing out to the right of the target. It's a power grip, especially if you're a slicer. This is so true for I find this happening in my swing In baseball, the batter must decide how to grip the bat in order to optimize his swing, while the pitcher will use a variety of different grips on the ball in order to create movement on his pitches. Again, this may sound tempting but golfers should beware that using a strong grip can be a form of self-denial. One of the major determining factors in the kinds of shots that you are going to be able to hit on the golf course is the grip that you choose to use in your swing. With the advancements in technology, we are learning more about how the path of the club and the face angle at impact are affecting the way the ball leaves the impact area and moves through the air. The thinking is that by swinging softer, you can avoid the big mistake of a hook way to the left. To fix your hooks, you need to change your grip. Fat shots. Im ok with a strong grip (and so is my instructor) but my right hand gets to the point where it almost under the club when it gets really bad. In many ways, this is the opposite of the quick hook, and it can also be caused by an extremely strong left hand grip. But I guess when talking in general terms too strong ( getting the hand under the handle) = hooks Edited September 24 by CB67 With the club head behind the ball, take your grip on the handle of the club as you normally would. By making the short game as simple as possible, your grip won't play as much of a role in the action, meaning the strong grip that you use won't keep you from hitting nice shots. Thump the wedge into the sand a couple of inches behind the ball and watch your shot loft nicely up onto the green. So how do you know if your strong grip is getting in the way of your short game? So what is going wrong? Lamkin Golf Grip selector makes it easy to find the right grip. The ball suffering in the air high To relate to both right and left handed golfers, a “strong grip” occurs when both hands are rotated on the club away from the target, thereby promoting a closed club face at impact. Though many of them naturally gripped it that way due to playing other sports such as baseball, tennis or hockey. This is a good part of your swing to focus on at all times, but it becomes especially important when the pressure is on. Your wrist joint is set way too flat on the handle it may promote a hook. Note: The first part of this story discusses the top hand in the grip, which is the left hand for right-handed golfers. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a8568571f3c0e21dc4ebde2118b01642" );document.getElementById("df28b1059e").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Your email address will not be published. Block. What Is a Strong Golf Grip?. Grip is a a hard thing to change IMO. A strong grip can make specialized shots, such as a high fade or soaring pitch shot very difficult. This will create a ‘V’ between your right thumb and hand. A strong grip in golf refers to the hand position with which a golfer grips the golf club. For that task, a strong grip is the perfect tool. In general terms, this means golfers with a strong grip will hit the ball lower and further than someone with a weaker grip because of the lack of club loft at impact. Many amateur golfers use weak grips which limit the role that the wrists can play in the swing, and those players struggle with power as a result. Traditionally, it has been taught that a strong grip on the club is a great way to reduce the chances of ball trajectory moving away from the golfer during its flight, called slice or fade. Be sure to check out Todd elaborate on these concepts in this brief video. Obviously here at USgolfTV, we don’t recommend making huge changes in one’s game without direct supervision from adults (we also have a sense of humor), however, making slight alterations to that strong grip can reduce the overall direction issues that a golfer might be experiencing. You will gain the proper insight to make the necessary adjustments to perform your best action to target! In most cases, a strong grip is a great thing. For more on how to turn your weak slice into a power fade, check out our article on the “Tour Draw.”, The Ultimate Guide for How To Hit A Draw: The Tour Draw, Fix Your Slice. Of course, the exact outcome of an overly strong grip is going to vary from player to player, but you should look for the symptoms below as signs that you have let your left hand move too far right on the handle of the club. Players deploying a strong grip can sometimes hit a 7 iron fantastic distances but only because they are reducing the loft of the club, in reality turning it into a 5 or 4 iron. The club head needs to be extremely stable when playing short game shots, and you can't be releasing the face prematurely if you want to make solid contact and keep the ball on line. You have reached the maximum number of submissions for today. The left hand is wrapped over on top of the grip (for a right handed golfer) with all four knuckles visible and the right hand is tucked underneath the grip with no knuckles visible. Video - by Natalie Adams, Make Sure the Clubhead is Outside the Hands for Senior Golfers to Achieve a Correct Takeaway Video - by Dean Butler, Click Here for a Free Professional Fitting for Custom Clubs. The final issue that a strong grip can lead to is very general directional problems. What exactly is a grip that is too strong or too weak, anyway? When you grip the club, your thumbs and index fingers form a “V” shape. I was a bad slicer and changed from a neutral grip to strong and it fixed my slice then I over did the strong and hook the ball telling people that a grip won't fix the ball flight is stupid take this article with a few pounds of salt try it next time u go to the range. In this video, we are discussing if your grip is too weak or too strong, and we give you an absolutely foolproof way to dynamically feel and understand how and why. 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