A detailed view of Elementor pro

Elementor Pro is the extension Elementor professional which has many high empowered tools that speed up the design and workflow. The main points in Elementor pro are theme builder that lets you customize each part of the theme, seamless integration of visually designed forms, professional blocks, professional templates, technical support team will available 24/7 for clarifying your queries, Key professional features and widgets.

Design solution features available at Elementor pro

Elementor provides you an ultimate WordPress design solution with a pixel-perfect layout and it has many designer tools so that you can design according to your style and need. elementor Pro has a flexible drag and drop editor option so that you can have infinite design possibilities. There are thousands of font options available for you where you can choose the one according to your need or also you can upload or use your own custom fonts. You can combine different colors for creating an everlasting impression on your visitors.

Elementor pro offers you motion effects so that you can add mouse effects and scrolling effects for animating any part of the site which includes parallax and some other interactive animations. Elementor Pro offers you custom positioning where you can experience an ultimate freehand design such as vertical flex alignment, horizontal flex alignment, inline elements, fixed position, and position absolute. Play with the image setting by adding many amazing effects. You can create an eye-catching background by using 26 different shape dividers.

Steps in downloading and installing Elementor pro

Download the Elementor pro plug-in to your computer which is a zipped archive and then go to WordPress dashboard and select ‘Add new’ on the plugin settings. Choose the file from the Elemetor page that was previously downloaded. Your Elementor plugin will get installed and now you can start using it.