An Honest Evaluation of PTN Poker Instruction Network

When I first became aware of the PTN, Poker Instruction Network, I needed to have a look at what this company was everything about. It was interesting how a famous game that MILLIONS of people use a daily manner might be developed into a company chance. So in case you are checking out joining the Poker Instruction Network as a company opportunity, then you behoove yourself to check this out entire review.

I will cover the information of the company, what they offer, how you as a rep of PTN Poker make money with the payment plan and I may also provide you a few suggestions and some particular instruction on how you may generate tops for your PTN Company and position on your own as a PTN Leader must you select to join!


The (PTN) Poker Instruction Network consisted of Addison, by CEO and Co-Founder Dennis Nadeau. PTN’s suggestion was to produce brilliant poker instruction software application, for starters and accelerated Agen poker terpercaya players, and end up being the leader in instruction and education and learning for poker players around the globe. PTN also utilizes some of the best powerful company models around Internet marketing! So their main point is to instruct cutting-edge poker methods to ALL who wish to learn while paying out their members for recommending instruction packages to their buddies. With PTN’s well-pivoted staff and management team, PTN seems a win-win.

An Honest Evaluation of PTN Poker Instruction Network

The Poker Instruction Network offers access to a poker instruction website and system referred to as Technology-Enriched Learning or (TEL). This includes various instructional strategies and also a world-class recreation room, so as to learn and exercise these poker techniques. There are various Poker TEL packages to select from ranging from $14.95 to 49.95 a month. You obtain more instruction material depending upon the price package in which you select.