Perfecting the Betting With the Right Strategy

It is a much-discussed theory, the so-called ‘The Fibonacci’ strategy. For instance, many gamblers see the dangers of the doubling strategy also reflected in this strategy, but a remarkably large group of gamblers also claim that they are indeed making substantial profits with this tactic. We treat the strategy, to you to make the decision.

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The essence of betting according to ‘The Fibonacci’ strategy is simple, from now on you only bet on a draw. If you lose, you bet the next bet again on a draw. Keep doing this again and again, until the moment you make a profit. To bet on those equal games must only satisfy the following:

  • Only bet on bets where the draw for a draw is higher than 2.618
  • Increase your bet, in the way of The Fibonacci: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, etc.

The idea is based on a theory from 1989 that predicting a possible draw by bookmakers is considered the most difficult. So you can use that. The theory is that as long as you continue to increase the bet, each profit will make up for previous losses.

The Fibonacci Strategy in practice

If you look at the data of the Premier League matches in 2011/12, there was a draw of the 380 matches played 93. In that case you can say that 24.5% of those match that season end in a draw. Interestingly, the score of a draw totaled 380 games above the 2,618 threshold.

That sounds attractive; but there are also bad examples

There are many practical limitations that prevent you from continuing the Fibonacci series. For starters, many of the above matches are played simultaneously. That means there is no option to raise your bet to the next Fibonacci number if a draw does not occur. In that case you choose as a gambler a number of individual teams on which you will apply the strategy. With cs go gambling the deals get better now.

Explanation of the formula

Perfecting the Betting With the Right Strategy

The Fibonacci series is one of the most well-known numerical sequences in mathematics, characterized by its simple formula:

N 3 = N 1 + N 2

This indicates that (after the two start numbers), each extra number in the sequence is an addition of the two preceding numbers. So the first 8 in the sequence look like this: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13 and 21. They come about as follows:

N 1 = 1, N = 2 1, and thus N 3 = 2

N 1 = 1, N 2 = 2, so N 3 = 3

N 1 = 2, N 2 = 3, so N = 3 5

N 1 = 3, N 2 = 5, and thus N 3 = 8

So, does the Fibonacci strategy work?

Like the Fibonacci formula itself, you can simply see the Fibonacci betting strategy as a mathematical concept. As with all progressive betting systems, this strategy will always be positive, provided we lived in a world where bookmakers did not have limits and you have a huge bankroll as a gambler.