What are the additional features you can get from group 500?

If you are in search of best brokers in online trading, then you will come across many good choices. All the companies compete each other by giving best of them. Not all the company provides the same features each has its uniqueness. You need not work with the entire platform only thing you can make a research on it and can select the best out of it.

The Group 500 site was established in the year of 2021 from Switzerland. Tough it was developed later but it makes reputation among traders in a short period of time. Here are some unique features of it;

  • Plethora of trading: Group 500 is has become one of the favorite company for many traders in the financial markets because of its unique feature called plethora of trading product. As it deals mainly with financial markets so trading on different platforms will helps to reduce the risks.
  • Comfortable trading platform: Whether you are a beginner or experts group 500 will allow you to trade with the comfortable platform for getting the better experience in trading. They run under the technology called one click method and fast trade execution, which is more advanced and flexible for usage.
  • Different account types: Group 500 offers you five different account types. Initial account type is silver for this you need to deposit$10,000. After that it goes on for Gold, diamond, platinum and VIP. All these accounts can be accessed easily by depositing initial amount. But for VIP account you need to get a special invitation and the deposit amount should be minimum of $10, 000, 00.
  • Robust customer services: Another special attention they concentrate on customer service. Whatever problems arise during online platform they will encounter it within a short time.

Apart from this if you have any queries about trading you can post it on Group 500 website. Their staffs will reply you.